The Paint Job~?!?

20141105_154942 20141105_155202 20141105_155255 20141029_162215 20141029_162224 20141105_155402 20141105_154942 20141105_155425 20141105_154957 20141105_155147

All I can say is, I’m glad it’s no longer Brown.

Tell me, colour-wise do these look anything like each other? So hard dealing with things from afar!


It’s a bit grey, but overall I think the effect is okay.


One thought on “The Paint Job~?!?”

  1. I’ve put up a post on FB and people do seem to like it, really, I think it grows on me. perhaps the beige I’d planned was a little too beige.

    Anyway, I am happy it is now not brown.

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