Bathrooms – Not Quite…

We’ve almost finished the new bathroom and kitchen upstairs….Alas it was all a little too late for friends are coming to visit us in a week!

It’ll be finished before the next tax year (I promise Mr receiver, I really promise! – for us all 🙂 But not quite finished for the trip coming up, alas no where near close!!!

20151009_142434 20151009_142511 20151009_142622 20151204_123948 20151204_124001 20151204_124040 20151204_124054 20151204_124104 20151204_124116 20151204_124135 20151204_124159 20151204_124217 20151204_124234 20151204_124248 20151204_124318 20151204_124331

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