Home School Adventure

My original dream with this project was that we’d all be up in Oderwitz working together on the house. We’d all gain from the learning experience of DIY and from the time together. However it looked like it was not going to be possible, as our visits were always sandwiched in between work leave allowances and regaining energy from our stressful jobs.

Well, just when everything looked like it would not work out, life threw us a curve ball, as they say. I don’t know anything about baseball, but I assume this could be a good thing if you can hit one. Like getting lemons when you know a great lemon meringue recipe, or the traditional lemonade….

I was set to take the next big step in my career, and so excited about it, when a major health issue hit our family. I can’t say what would have happened if it did not. Perhaps continued rat race style life, and our beautiful family project continued to be completed by others, as we struggle to just get up there for a week, and when we do we are utterly exhausted, as no matter what anyone says, being working parents is hard!

Now, I’m back looking at the original idea of going to stay in Oderwitz for a short time until we can finish the house. It’s kind of exciting – a home school adventure, on a budget! And free time to just be together as a family and work on things we want to. Fingers crossed it will all work out.






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