Bathroom and Kitchen for Upper Floor

We’ve just arrived back from Oderwitz. It was a rest rather than work trip this time, however we made one or two stops. One at OBI and the Tile Proffi next door (in Zittau), and one at the kitchen shop, Kuche Architec, (in Oderwitz), that was it.

(Being sick helps one organise time very efficiently! Knowing what we wanted before we left helped too, and this was easy to do in the hospital on their wi-fi (I’ve had quite a lot of down time there recently- but all on the mend now).

20150711_184922 20150711_184841

The top picture is the choices for the bathrooms (1 bathroom and 1 toilet), and the bottom is the kitchen splash-back, the same stone will be used for both benches.

We found some nice travertine, but we’re keeping it for the bottom.


Getting Closer

We’re getting closer to completing the project :-), thanks to some great help from our agent at Dr Thomas Immobilien for organising the contractors.

The outside works are essentially complete, and we need to make fitting decisions (bathrooms, flooring etc) to proceed with the finishing on the upper floor. Looking forward to this – the fun continues!

20141205_131745 20141205_131235 20141205_131244 20141205_131339 20141205_131454 20141205_131532 20141205_131606

By the Berg : The New Colours

The scaffolding is finally off, and we’ve finished what I think is the big jobs. The outside is newly protected, the rotten chimneys are replaced, the wiring and plumbing to external services is in place, we have new windows upstairs (I can hardly tell in the pics so I think they did a great job of replication, only a visit will decide), and the electrics are split for upper and lower dwellings.

We’re going to take a break now for a bit, till summer. Mainly as I wasn’t looking forward to another winter visit before we fixed the big heat drain (stair well) enroute from lounge/kitchen/bedrooms to the bathrooms. But also so we can collect ideas and funds and not be under pressure, to make it more fun.

The outside and the essentials are complete, so when we go back we’ll  be starting with the fun stuff: choosing flooring, bathroom fittings, kitchen, paint/paper etc. And a little more time to make up my mind on the exactly-right things is better.

Our summer trip should allow finishing the upper floor for permanent rental, then a winter trip to finish the lower floor for our most exciting daily rental (Ferienwohnung). If it’s as much fun as Swanlamer was, I can’t wait.

Good things take time….No rush!

Decorating Ideas

I’ve started a pin board of ideas for the bathrooms, I think you can guess the theme

I guess a basin seated on top of a traditional vanity, a panelled or free standing bath, would be nice, a decorative or checqured tile pattern-or wood, if I can convince my builder and husband to restore the wood floor, plain white wall tiles with a decorative ceramic border, ideally hand painted, but think that might be stretching, and my favourite so far the Hemnes range ( solid wood classic style) from sad to say, Ikea, they have great stuff.

Bathroom and Kitchen


Apart from a great holiday, the trip in July had an important purpose. The plans we have are not correct in terms of doors and window placing. A point we should have checked last time, but alas there was always so much to do and see, to learn and decide on. And I think we only received the plans late in the trip.

I’ve now fiddled with the bath/shower placement to ensure the shower doesn’t have a window in it, and on working with the kitchen people, decided we had far too many cupboards, and could leave some space for either dining or a possible second entrance.

Our next trip will have to be fully dedicated to selections on flooring and bathrooms.

UNSERE UMGEBINDEHAUS PROJEKT: Family Adventure Renovating a Ferienwohnungen in the Zittauer Gebirge, Sachsen, Germany